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Stop Losing Expensive Hours to Non-Critical Administrative Work

Brand Managers often spend inordinate amounts of time filling user requests for images and other assets for development of presentations, proposals, etc. One Brand Manager we worked with told us she would spend an average of five hours a month searching for appropriate assets and getting them to the user.

Now this Manager (as most) had plenty to do -  directing all Brand activities with retailers, distributors, and other external and internal stakeholders; planning and implementing marketing/advertising activities, gathering/analyzing  sales data, keeping Social Media channels active and responsive. And that's just before Wednesday! Very few marketing organizations have the extra manpower to whom asset requests of this nature can be offloaded.

When all users are empowered to find and obtain the most appropriate available digital assets for their needs others in the organization are free to concentrate on completing their principle responsibilities.

A well planned and executed digital asset management system strategy provides enhanced operational efficiency and eliminates significant undocumented soft costs.

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