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Mitigating Business Process Interruptions

“It’s times like these that try men’s souls”

And their businesses.

A pandemic hits. Normal business processes are highly disrupted. You have employees and business partners working remotely, interrupting the normal flow of information and sharing of assets. Contemporary technology offers viable solutions to maintain most operational needs. The Internet allows us to maintain open lines of communication via e-mail, video conferencing, and even screen sharing to smooth many of the bumps. However, business interruptions like the current Covid-19 virus issues can expose weaknesses in normal business processes.

Internal or external creative teams (graphic designers, photography/video creators, copywriters, etc.) need to share works in progress with a collection of internal/external stakeholders, including team partners, managers, and external partners/vendors (printers, clients, etc.). Multiple versions of designs, images, documents and other digital assets shared with multiple people in multiple ways (e-mail, direct download from servers) leads to uncertainty in the process. You need to keep moving forward, even in uncertain times. Can you afford to suspend critical projects until the storm passes, and if not, how do you efficiently update, manage and share images, documents and other digital assets?

Businesses that have embraced a formal hosted Digital Asset Management strategy avoid these trip points and remain productive even in challenging times such as this. Location concerns disappear and become a non-issue. E-mail systems avoid unnecessary bloat in message size, and ineffective team management of asset attachments.

In closing, what makes sense in normal times can be even more pragmatic when business processes are stressed. Hosted DAM systems can be implemented quickly, with benefits to current needs realized immediately. Adding legacy assets to the system can be accomplished when situations normalize, providing long-term returns. Benefits of Hosted DAM systems can be reviewed here.

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