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The New Business Normal?

Uncertainty rules the thousands of businesses that occupied centralized office spaces a year ago. While some companies cannot operate virtually, over the past year many made the transition. Lots of functions do not require in-person collaboration even though our humanity performs best when we can interact in person. The realities of the COVID pandemic seem to have brought us some lasting change; many respected business pundits indicate we are in for significant long term operational adjustments.
Keeping your business operating efficiently includes ensuring your sales, marketing, creative personnel and even external business partners can access APPROVED branded assets such as documents, images, videos and audios on demand. If you manage your business’s assets seamlessly providing that access securely and efficiently to employees working remotely and external stakeholders can be a challenge. With reduced face to face opportunities to share them in traditional ways (DVDs, USB Drives, etc.) many are resorting to sending larger and larger files by e-mail, file transfer services or costly local/overnight delivery, incurring expense, lost time, and lost control of those assets.
There is a better way. Hosted Digital Asset Management systems can be implemented quicky and cost efficiently, offering not just immediate access to digital assets, but also asset security, workflow management, and control of who can view, download, replace, upload and share which assets.
Our changing business environment calls for new answers. Give us a call to explore how these leading-edge solutions can help you mitigate these challenges.
Mike Perry, Chief Pixlboss

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