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The New Business Normal Part II

In December of last year, I blogged about COVID-induced business changes and challenges. At that time, a return to business as usual was uncertain.
Some companies have returned or in process of a return to the office; many have instituted hybrid operational models, and some have yet to return and remain in a remote operation mode. Lessons have been learned about maximizing employee productivity and resource effectiveness, availability and usability; many still struggle with these issues.
As I write this the definition of normal seems fluid; variants of the virus hinder our efforts contain its spread, vaccination hesitancy and constantly changing health guidance exacerbate ongoing uncertainty as to best business practices.
Businesses that rely on valuable digital marketing assets are finding it increasingly difficult to share, update, and manage/secure digital image, document, and media files during this time. Asset fragmentation (multiple versions of the same asset residing on multiple individual workstations, servers, thumb drives, and loosely controlled cloud storage) disrupts valuable brand consistency. These problems are not exclusive to the current environment – they exist even in the best of times. However, the pandemic constraints under which businesses now operate amplify the downsides of these issues.
Digital Asset Management is more than software and hardware – it involves creating a custom company-specific philosophy, strategy and structure to secure, manage and maximize branded digital assets.
Pixlboss facilitates the development and implementation of a successful Digital Asset Management infrastructure for its clients, calling on over twenty years of experience with client corporate marketing departments and their branded asset requirements. We welcome the opportunity to open a conversation regarding your specific situation to explore the viability of a custom Digital Asset Management solution.

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