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Saving The Day on The Road

Your best Business Development team is on the plane to a major presentation, with printed and bound documents and an extensive electronic presentation including externally-created video content. The prospect calls with significant changes to specifications that impact both the printed documents and the electronic presentation. The updates can be made to the documents, and your video source can get them done by 10:00 pm if you can provide the updated graphic content and copy. How will you get this all done and avoid the need to reschedule with the prospect?

Old School would require getting all the internal changes completed, e-mailing the video graphics/copy to the vendor, picking up the updated video files on a USB drive or DVD, making the changes to the printed documents and electronic presentation, then sending all these items by overnight courier to your team's hotel. Lots of moving parts and logistical issues to track and manage.

New School (with a well-executed digital asset management strategy and system in place) has all internal and external partners working from the same online asset collection; documents (PDFs, Office files, graphics, videos and audios). Updated specifications, documents, graphics and video files are available to the Presentation Development Team immediately upon completion and upload. With the advantage of centrally available assets the revised print and electronic Presentations are efficiently completed; links that allow direct downloading of the final print document are e-mailed to a previously-identified printer near the hotel that has the order to print and bind for delivery to the Business Development team's hotel. The team can download the final electronic presentation directly from the DAM.

Not every last minute change is this complex; the streamlined workflow and single asset repository point make even the small pesky last-minute changes much less traumatic, and allows highly efficient collaboration with the creation and management of assets like this - even at the last minute, when time IS of the essence.

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