Rule Your Resources

Make Your Resources Work For You

  • All Assets Available with Internet Access
  • Geographically Diverse Teams work with the same Asset Base
  • Search criteria includes customizable metadata, keywords, asset type and date
  • Extensive Asset Data such as Custom Notes and Camera EXIF data about Individual Assets can be included
  • Mobile Friendly Interface and Asset Browsing
  • Easily Maximize your Existing Digital Assets and Focus your Branding Efforts

Know Who Can Access Your Assets and How

  • 1. Controlled Permissions for Different User and Group Access
  • View
  • Download
  • Edit File Metadata/Notes
  • Upload (can manage by Asset Type)
  • Delete Resources
  • 2. Administrators can also:
  • Add, modify, or delete Users
  • Modify Asset status
  • 3. Share Assets efficiently and safely via e-mail. Send links to the asset; control whether it can be viewed only or downloaded and set time limits for its availability

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